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Monthly Archives: July 2022

    Wondering Where You’ll Move if You Sell Your House Today?

    By Admin | July 18, 2022

    If you put a pause on your home search because you weren’t sure where you’d go once you sold your house, it might be a good timeto get back into the market. That’s because today’s market is undergoing a shift, and the supply of homes for sale is increasing as a result. That means you may have... Read More

    Are we in a Real Estate Bubble?

    By Admin | July 14, 2022

    Housing Experts Say This Isn’t a Bubble With so much talk about an economic slowdown, some people are asking if the housing market is heading for a crash like the one in 2008. To really understand what’s happening with real estate today, it’s important to lean on the experts for reliable information. Here’s why economists... Read More